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In late 2009 my son was born and my wife had quit smoking when we found out she was pregnant. Over the next two years I tried to quit smoking a few different ways but it never stuck. I was still smoking when I was away from home, mostly at work, and when I was home for awhile and couldn’t smoke like I wanted to, I was really not fun to be around.

I had a friend that smoked more than I did. We would have a cigarette and go inside and 30 min later he would want to go outside again. In January 2012 he came by my house and showed me his vaporizer and told me he dropped cigarettes 3 weeks prior. I tried it, some kind of pineapple flavor, it was pretty good. The next weekend we grabbed another guy and went down to the local vape store (25 min drive) and I got a starter kit, berry tobacco, and some coffee flavors.

At this point I really didn’t have any intention of quitting smoking. I just needed something I could do at home without smelling like smoke or looking like a total reject smoking near my kid, not to mention the actual health risks. I quickly found that I actually liked vaping better than smoking. Without really trying, I haven’t had a cigarette since. The ease of being able to vape here and there without going for a 10min trip outside and all the different flavors are awesome.

It’s like I was driving a little gas powered scooter and someone showed me an electric car. I didn’t have to try to quit riding my scooter, I just started driving my electric car everywhere.

Now it’s late 2012 and I know quite a few people that vape. I still constantly get asked questions about my vaporizor and decided to put up this website to help dispel some common vaping myths and show how easy it is to get started. It’s so much easier to tell someone to go to projectvape.com and read for a min than try to explain how a vaporizor works and what’s in the e-juice.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or email me at (info@projectvape.com)

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  1. Martin says:

    Great website. …I liked how you keep it simple. .. congratulations on quitting. Not quite there yet but flung b half and half. Good info about the PG because the haters are really grabbing onto that one. Thanks again! Martin

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