What is Vaping?


Vaping: To inhale vapor from a personal vaporizor (PV), commonly referred to as an electronic cigarette or e-cig. The term “smoking” doesn’t apply because a PV doesn’t produce any smoke, only vapor.

Vape: Used to describe the act of vaping as well as the vaporizor itself. e.g. I love being able to vape in the airport.

When a PV is triggered (either by an inhale or with a button press) the battery is connected to the heating element (atomizer) which boils a tiny amount of liquid (e-Juice). This creates a vapor which is inhaled by the user. At no point is anything burned through the process of combustion so no smoke/ash/tar is ever created.

Comparison to a cigarette

Just the simple act of burning something creates all sorts of stuff you really don’t want to be inhaling on a regular basis. In addition to all that, here are some other goodies that are added to cigarettes:


For those of you who don’t want to read the whole list, here are some of the good ones (credit to http://www.provape.com/E-Cig-FAQ-s/32.htm):
• Acetone – ingredient in nail polish remover
• Methanol – used as rocket fuel
• Naphthylamine – a carcinogen
• Pyrene – a carcinogen
• Naphthalene – moth repellent
• Cadmium – used in batteries, a carcinogen
• Carbon monoxide – poisonous gas
• Vinyl Chloride – used in plastic materials
• Cyanhydric acid – poisonous gas
• Ammonia – industrial cleaner and detergent
• Arsenic – lethal poison
• Dibenzacridine – a carcinogen
• Polonium 210 – a radioactive element
• DDT – insecticide
• Formaldehyde – embalming fluid


No one can tell you 100% that there are no consequences to vaping as sufficient studies haven’t been done, but at least you know the vary few ingredients and can make an informed decision.

Try this simple test: Take a drag on a cigarette, hold a paper towel over your mouth, and exhale sharply. Pretty gross huh. Do the same with a PV. When I did this test, the paper towel was a little damp but totally clear. I let it dry for a few min and the wet spot was totally gone. No discoloration at all even when I held it up to the light.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that vaping isn’t any better than smoking…Well, lets just say you can feel confident in correcting them.

For more information, check out the CASAA Website

5 Responses to What is Vaping?

  1. Truth is hard to find, thanks for posting!

  2. Paul Harker says:

    Sounds so good I almost want to start smoking again! My wife said “no!”

  3. Tronic Vape says:

    Insane how many toxins, poisons and carcinogens are in cigarettes and we’re still having to defend vaping.

  4. We will continue having to defend vaping over smoking because, as more & more people toss their cigs in favor of vape pens~ which is rapidly becoming the preferred choice. (After being a pack-a-day chain-smoker for the past few years, I made the switch fully in about a week after realizing that I was only continuing to smoke cigs simply because I had them.) With vaping I no longer had to suffer the freezing cold to smoke~ I could vape inside where it’s warm! No more spritzing myself with Febreeze to mask the ‘ashtray’ smell. No more funky taste in my mouth after smoking; in fact, I was soon able to taste & smell like I did before becoming a smoker. This isn’t a unique story just for me~ people are making the switch every day. This is a really great alternative to all of us who were just previously killing ourselves slowly for our fix, but for the tobacco companies it means less $$$, for the ‘Big Pharma’ it means less $$$ thanks to our healthier alternative. Nicotine is addictive enough on it’s own, why else add ANY of those utterly ridiculous toxins, much less a combo of all of those listed plus some? The addiction keeps us hooked and coming back for more, spending more $ and the toxic crap added causes numerous health problems which has us spending big $ on the meds prescribed to treat us- especially the meds/ treatments that cost big $ when we require care for the various cancers and other chronic or terminal illnesses caused by tobacco.

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